While earthquake insurance is optional in California, home insurers must offer it to new homebuyers.  Earthquake insurance covers your dwelling, personal property, and provides loss-of-use coverage. You can purchase earthquake insurance through your homeowners insurance provider.  Loading Something is loading. California has a well-earned reputation as the earthquake capital of […]

A reverse mortgage could provide much-needed cash to cover costs such as basic living expenses, medical care, and home repairs. Still, numerous fees can make reverse mortgages prohibitively expensive for some homeowners. One particularly onerous expense is the lender-required mortgage insurance premium (MIP). If you have a home equity conversion […]

An FHA Single Family Title II is a type of mortgage. Specifically, it is a mortgage issued by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) under Title II of the National Housing Act of 1934 for a single family. These mortgage loans were designed to encourage lenders to issue mortgages during the […]

What are the best first-time home buyer loans? There’s a wide range of first-time home buyer loans on the market, from zero-down VA and USDA mortgages all the way up to a 20-percent-down conventional loan. There are also specialty home loans that can help outside-the-box buyers; for instance, construction loans, […]

To explain the agency’s reasoning in light of the fund’s stellar performance, HUD officials laid out uncertainties that could imperil it. There are still 660,000 seriously delinquent borrowers in the FHA portfolio, and the report raised the possibility that foreclosures could cause home prices to drop. Rising mortgage rates could […]